This is the tenth post in a weekly series of blog posts I will be writing to document my experience in CS327E, Elements of Databases, for the Elements of Computing Program at The University of Texas at Austin.

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This week I was not in class due to my involvement with The Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Co-op, for which I am the Information Technology Manager. This week culminated over a year and a half worth of work on the Festival.

The Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Co-op, is a week-long showcase of new work created by UT students held every other Spring in various locations in and around the Winship Drama Building and the University of Texas campus. It is not just an event, but a celebration of a continuously ongoing process–the creation of new work.

This Festival was the first to have an IT Manager, and I will say there was a lot to do. I redesigned the Festival website, implemented a ticketing reservation system for the 12,800 tickets to the festival, implemented a mobile smartphone application and created interactive information displays. I also hosted an event at the festival entitled, Tech Talk: A Workshop for Information Technology in the Arts. The  session was held as a place to talk about how technology is changing the way we make, consume and interact with the arts. From digital media, to social media to databases to smartphone applications. Below are some photos from the week. I filmed the Tech Talk, I’ll be posting in on youtube this week, and I’ll provide the link.

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