Taylor McCaslin is a multi-disciplinary Investor, Product Manager, and Technologist living in Austin, Texas. He currently works as a Senior Product Manager at New Knowledge and serves on the Advisory Board for AIMaps. Taylor also founded Product Trust Investments, an angel fund focused on impact investing with companies that build ethical products that customers trust. Taylor is an advocate and defender of privacy, consent, and inclusion.

Taylor graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, where he studied business, theatre, computer science, and digital art & media. Since 2012 he has worked at enterprise-scale, hyper-growth technology companies including: Duo Security, WP Engine, Indeed.com, Bazaarvoice.

When not advising companies or speaking at conferences about technology, Taylor can be found geeking out with the latest Apple gadget, skiing, or enjoying the expansive Austin art scene. He also enjoys volunteering with local human rights and LGBTQ organizations around central Texas as well as mentoring young technologists looking to start careers in the tech.

To learn more, view my resume or explore my portfolio.

You can find me at the intersection of art and tech.

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