Bazaarvoice Style Guide

BazaarvoiceWhat happens when your organization grows so large that it outpaces your designers? This was exactly the problem I set out to tackle as a Product Design Intern at Bazaarvoice.


Designed & developed custom style guide framework for use to document and unify designs across present and future products.


After talking with some BV designers and developer, I began prototyping a style guide framework, built off of Twitter Bootstrap and WordPress where designers and developers could have a UI and UX endpoint for making decisions on product design. I sought to create a centralized repository of UI elements and UX documentation that cataloged old product designs and provided a space to maintain and document new centralized styles to be rolled out in the next iteration of the company’s core products.


The Style Guide Framework was adopted by internal Bazaarvoice Designers and Developers. The project was later merged with another UX Designer’s work to create an entire UI/UX Boilerplate for the organization called BV Bootstrap. A quick start bootstrap framework for fast iteration and fail-fast prototyping. The final design was full mobile responsive and retina ready, as well as updated to the company’s new product styles.


Due to the internal nature of the project, I have only been permitted to share the following images.

View Large Prototype

View Large Final Design


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