Q Inc. Annual Report

Business Foundations Certificate Program

The Texas Business Foundations Program (Texas BFP) at UT’s top-rated McCombs School of Business is a certificate program designed to give undergraduate students of any discipline a fundamental background in business. The program allows students to supplement their current course of study and equip themselves with the business knowledge to turn passions into successful careers.

During the program Students are profiled using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and placed into teams. These teams then go on to create a fiction company to run in a realistic online business simulation, Marketplace Live:

In the International Corporate Management simulation, students start a new company that enters the microcomputer industry. The simulation challenges students to make tough decisions in Accounting, Finance, Advanced Marketing, Advanced Manufacturing, Quality Control, Human Resource Management, E-Commerce, Business Partner Negotiations and Financial Analysis. The market in the game is competitive and fast-paced, the customers are demanding and the competition is working hard to increase market share.

– Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc

Our company was called Q Inc., and below is our Annual Report summarizing our business strategy and financials for the first year in our Business Simulation.

Annual Report

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